A Guide To Different Types Of Beer


If you are considering installing a kegerator or other draft beer system in your kitchen, man-cave, entertainment room or any other area in your home, it is important that you not only get the best beer system installation in your area, but that you also know what beers to try. There are some key types of beer that are enjoyed by people on a regular basis. This guide will highlight some of the best beers you can try, so that you know which way to turn for excellent options. 

Pumpkin Spiced Beer

Once winter rolls around, you will typically want to put away the hoppy beers, in favor for some deep and thrilling cold weather flavors. One of the most popular options around the latter parts of the year that people enjoy is the pumpkin beer. There are a variety of pumpkin beers that people can try out. These beers are infused with all sorts of pumpkin flavorings, along with different spices and herbs. Even though pumpkin beers are typically cold weather brews, many people have also begun enjoying pumpkin ales during the summer, which have a bit of a hoppy character to offset the standard cinnamon and nutmeg flavorings. 

Various Forms of Stout Beers

Malty beers are enjoyed by a number of people, with stouts being the most popular type. A stout beer features a number of different flavorings, including things like oatmeal, chocolate, coffee and barley. These beers are top fermenting and far less hoppy than ales. The beer also features more of a creamy character and is far less bitter than other offerings. You will be able to enjoy plenty of different types of stouts, including the Russian Imperial Stout and the Oatmeal Stout. 

Imperial Pale Ale Beers

These beers, also referred to as IPAs, are among the most hoppy beers on the market. This means that they are bottom fermenting and feature a far more bitter flavor body. This measurement of bitterness is measured out in IBUs, with more IBUs meaning a more bitter flavor. India Pale Ales are also higher in alcohol content than other types of beers. This type of beer has become a go-to fixture for many craft beer aficionados, which is why so many different breweries have their own version of the IPA. 

Consider these different types of beers as you get your beer system installed, and make sure to pick and choose which you like the best.  Contact a business, such as the Perfect Pour Draft Beer Specialists, for more information about beer.   


23 March 2016

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