How To Properly Grill Your Poussin Chicken With Thyme


If you want to have a delicious chicken treat, you need to buy poussin chicken and grill it. If you have never had a poussin chicken, it is a very small chicken that is only a couple of weeks old. It is not to be confused with a spring chicken, which is still a very young chicken, but is a little older and bigger than a poussin chicken. Poussin chickens do not have very much fat on them and have a very delicate and unique flavor. Here is what you need to do in order to enjoy a grilled poussin chicken.

Servings Size

Poussin chickens are so small that you will need one per person if you want everyone to have access to a couple of servings of chicken for their meal. It also adds to the visual effect of eating a poussin chicken when you can place one on each person's plate. 

Preparing The Poussin

If your poussin was frozen, you'll want to put it in the fridge the day before you plan on roasting it to give it plenty of time to unthaw. 

Use kitchen shears to cut the sides of the backbone, then pull it out of the chicken. Lay it with the breast side facing up and hit it a few times with your first to flatten out the chicken. Secure the drumsticks by cutting small holes near the base of the breast and poking the ends of the drumsticks through them. This will ensure that they stay in place close to the chicken.

Repeat the process for each poussin chicken you are preparing. 

Add The Seasoning

Next, coat the chicken with some olive oil. Rub it over all visible surfaces of the chicken. Take fresh thyme and rub that all over the surface of the chicken. Crack fresh pepper over the top of the chicken. Repeat for each chicken. Let everything marinate for at least an hour. 

Get Your Grill Ready

Fire up your grill and put it on medium heat. Add coarse sea salt to both sides of your bird. Place the birds with their breast side facing down first. Pay close attention to your chickens as it doesn't take long to cook them. Once the breast side starts to turn a golden color, flip the bird to the other side.

Right before you think the birds are almost ready, pour some thyme branches on the coals, turn down your grill, and shut the lid for a few minutes. Thyme smoke will envelope your bird and give it a really tasty aroma.

Pull the birds off the grill when they are all nice and golden brown. This process should take less than half an hour. 

Allow your bird to cool off for a few minutes, then place them on each person's plate and enjoy some deliciously grilled, soft and flavorful meat. 


14 January 2016

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